Build customer loyalty

Our online ordering platform provides powerful restaurant marketing tools that focus on increasing your sales and customer loyalty.

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Use our marketing tools and conquer online ordering for your restaurant or takeaway.


Our online ordering platform gets you started with a local marketing pack, and digital marketing tools that bring more customers to your online ordering website and apps.


Once you have more website visitors, you can use our conversion focused website and apps to engage your customers and convince them to order with our automated order incentive system.


Use the automated marketing tools on the Opay ordering platform and encourage your customers to come back and order more often, instead of losing them to your competitors.


The marketing tools provided on the Opay online ordering platform help you to grow your sales. Take control of your direct marketing decisions powered by the sales insight your dashboard gives you.

Acquire customers

Receive a local marketing pack when you sign up with Opay. This includes flyers and stickers to promote your online ordering website and apps.

Your new website will be search engine optimized and makes it easy for your customers to order. This allows new customers to find you online and order directly from you.

Plus, get help from our customer success team with your Google Business listing, social media, and making the most of your marketing tools. We’re here to help you grow your customer base every step of the way.


Engage and convert

Once you have acquired website visitors, Opay gives you the tools to engage with them and convert them into loyal customers with regular orders.

Our automated phone marketing system helps convert your phone orders into online orders. Our notifications system helps you to communicate with customers and encourage them to order.

With our simple and fast online ordering website, you will convert more website visitors thanks to its’ ease of use on any device. Work with our team to optimize your menu and implement regular offers.


Retain and reward

The Opay loyalty system is designed to keep your customers ordering with you regularly, without you having to do any extra work.

Automatically track loyal customers, and reward them for coming back. This keeps your customers engaged, and helps you to build a relationship with your customers.

Some customers haven’t ordered lately? The Opay retention system will automatically message your customers when they haven’t ordered in a while and entice them back.


Sell and grow

With our powerful dashboard, you can see what’s working for you online. Find out where you can improve on your delivery and collection orders, and take action.

With this information, you can use our marketing tools to send notifications at the right time, time your offers, and make sure you’re getting the most from your customers.

You can also view your menu sales statistics, and decide on your next deals, and new items — then notify your customers about it. The insight that you get with Opay will become invaluable to your business as you grow and grow.


Build loyalty

Opay gives you built-in automated tools that keep your customers ordering regularly, and rewards them for placing regular orders.

Retain customers

When a customer hasn’t ordered lately, your Opay marketing tools can automatically give your customer an incentive to re-order.

Offer discounts

Keep your customers happy and loyal with customisable discount codes and vouchers that fully integrate with your online ordering platform.

Push notifications

You can notify your customers directly on their phones when you have special offers and new items. Then watch your sales grow.

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